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English Theatre

A program of 12 hours for a period of 6 weeks. Specific objectives of linguistic content will be established for each period.
Saturdays from 12:00 to 13:30
€ 15 per session (12 € if you attend each week)

RPG in English (Role Playing Games)

Take your characters on an adventure that makes them heroes, while improving your level of pronunciation with a native speaker. The adventure lasts 2 months. Both the vocabulary and phrases necessary will be taught during the first session.

Art and Craft

Cut, paste, fold, open, colour. Children learn a lot with their native teacher who instructs them in English. Besides learning, the children have fun making it easier to learn the language. Activities


News in English

Small groups get together one hour a week to discuss current affairs. Each group member shares a piece of news of their interest with the rest of the group. The group works on the original articles found in the British and American press, and practise reporting news in order to improve their speaking and listening skills.

English Book Club

Workshop based on a book to be read progressively throughout the group. The group meets once a week to work on difficult passages and to ensure that all the participants are making steady progress. Discussions and debates focus on the development of the plot and predictions regarding future events.
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