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With our English Clubs you have the opportunity to learn English in Madrid in the most entertaining way possible. In this way you will be involved in the task and at the same time you will progress and improve your English.

In The Language Corner we offer different types of English Club, both in our La Elipa school and our new school situated in García Noblejas, very close to the Metro of the same name and that of La Almudena. Currently we give English Clubs based in recent news, where small groups meet for one hour a week to discuss the current affairs.

We also have the Book Club, which consists of a workshop where a chapter or a short story is read every week and then discussed in the class. We are continually developing new and exciting English Clubs with the objective of learning English in the most interesting way possible, where we run English Clubs with a particular theme such as the recent World Cup Corner or the popular Yoga Laughter in English.

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