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We give all types of English Classes in Madrid to cover every possible need. Private classes in English in Madrid are one of the most in-demand in the market, and here our commitment is to meet those needs.

We have 2 schools in the areas of La Elipa andLa Almudena, but for personal reasons such as your timetable it may be difficult to attend classes in the school. Here you may find our home classes very useful in satisfying your needs. If you are looking to improve your level of English in Madrid we can offer you a team of native professors that can provide classes in the way you want.

Whether you are looking to pass an official exam such as FCE or CAE, advance in your job or complete your CV, our Home Classes can give you the boost you need to achieve your targets. In addition, we have many satisfied customers who have met their goals through using our wide network of Native Teachers at home. A number of these have then attended our schools in Ciudad Lineal, that come with easy access parking.

Calle Gerardo Cordón, 51 - 28017 Madrid // Calle Gandhi, 19 - 28017 Madrid

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