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The Language Corner is your best option for preparing for the Cambridge exams, at all levels. If you are interested in obtaining the First Certificate (FCE) to improve your CV, improve your position at work or receive a grant then our academies in La Elipa and La Almudena are right for you.

The First Certificate in Madrid is offered by the University of Cambridge, and is valid and recognised worldwide. The level of the certificate is equivalent to a B2 in the European Common Framework for languages. Also achieving this qualification demonstrates the capacity of the person to speak English to a highly competent level.

By studying in our academies you are guaranteed that there will never be more than 8 students in a class, and that our Native Teachers will give you a personal service to guide you in your learning needs. Also consider the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE in Madrid) for Advanced level students.

Calle Gerardo Cordón, 51 - 28017 Madrid // Calle Gandhi, 19 - 28017 Madrid

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